School-Year Program Overview

Art instruction should be about the student, more than the lesson.

Artists need variety, choices, and self-expression while learning.

Mentoring and guiding an artist takes time and care.

For artists to feel competent, they need a strong foundation.

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Encouragement – with honesty

Foremost, we encourage artists. We do this to the point where we have actually eliminated the words, mistake, correct, right & wrong, in the classroom. Encouragement, however, is not just saying good things; it is saying good things that are honest. We only speak truth when we praise, and we work with students to improve their work when they ask for help. When teachers ask questions, artists feel valued.


Freedom – with direction

Expressing yourself and choosing your own way of doing things is critical to enjoying art. If you don’t enjoy it, then you won’t continue. It’s pretty simple really, but many art courses are actually designed to be discouraging. Others are focused on making a quick picture to take home. Neither approach creates confident artists. Instead, we ask questions. You are the reason we’re here.


Long-term development – with engaging lessons

All of our individual lessons usually wrap up in one class, sometimes 2, but we have always believed that art training should be big-picture oriented, long-term, and all about the personal development of each artist. Most traditional art instruction has been set up as short courses. The class teaches one thing, like drawing or watercolor. After the class, you’re on your own. Our vision, however, is to walk along side of artists and work with you; providing the real-world practical instruction and diverse thinking that leads to awesome self-expression.  We give our students training in different media and techniques to broaden their scope and increase their foundation in the arts. 

No two projects will look exactly alike. More importantly, a student could enroll in Kindergarten and continue through the high school classes without repeating a theme, problem, or lesson!  Every piece of art will be unique!!  That's the beauty of Creative Minds Art Studios!


Serious training – with a fun approach

We have designed our curriculum from the ground up, using tried and true methods, but scraping things that just don’t work. Most art curriculum is filled with abstract and confusing terms and concepts. We’ve put tons of time into every single moment of class, to make sure our students can quickly grasp what they need to know. Our approach lets students express themselves, and develop their own unique style, as they discover new ideas, learn essential techniques, and gain time-saving insights. Our classes are designed to be really fun too! You’ll see that the moment you walk through the door.