Safety Information - Covid Update

  • Please do not send your child to art class if they are sick, have been around anyone sick, or have symptoms of COVID-19.  No coughs.  No fevers.  The safety of your children is of utmost importance to us. 

  • Class enrollment will max out at 10 students per class.  

  • Students will have their own art supplies. 

  • For ART CLASSES:  If your child is sick, you are allowed to makeup two missed art classes during the semester by attending another class (space permitted). You will need to schedule this makeup with me. More than two missed classes can not be made up.


Art Class Policies & Practices at Creative Minds



1. The school-year curriculum at Creative Minds is 36 classes:  18 the first semester and 18 the second semester.  When you enroll, you will be enrolled for the semester.  You may enroll after the session has began (space permitting).   

2.  Your child will never do the same piece of work twice.  CMAS curriculum was made so that a student could enroll in Kindergarten and progress through the high school level without repeating a theme, problem, lesson, etc.  They may decide to use certain materials again, but the creative process and brainstorming techniques/ideas will be unique to the lesson's content.  Our lessons build upon prior knowledge for a strong foundation.  That's the real beauty of our curriculum.

3. We understand when things change. We just ask you to talk to us if something big comes up. Please call Leslie @ (901) 316-7330 or email us at

4. Siblings are be eligible for a 10% discount on school-year classes and summer camps.  For example, you would pay regular price for your first child enrolled and save 10% on your second child's enrollment.  

5. It is your responsibility to attend class. No refunds can be made for classes that are missed. You will need to email us regarding a class make-up @  

6. If your child has a fever, is vomiting, or has diarhea, please keep them at home.  

7. Closings: All Weather-related closings will be posted on our website, our app, on twitter, and sent out as an email notification. We will follow Collierville Schools for closings.  If they are out, we are out. 
 We will not refund for weather cancellations and will do our best to make-up the classes. 

8. PRIVACY POLICY: We promise to take precautions to maintain privacy of your registration information. We will never knowingly share your information with any other entity or persons unless directed to do so by you or by a governmental agency like the IRS. All information collected in processing your purchases are handled by our Credit Card Merchant services provider, who uses military standard encryption and has an excellent privacy policy as well - even requiring us to make our policy known to you.

9. Unless you let us know otherwise, in registering for a course, you give Creative Minds Art Studios the right to reproduce photos of you and your artwork that has been created in the classroom.  This is ONLY for use in promoting Creative Minds Art Studios in our advertising, promotions, and web pages. We do not have any interest other than that.

Cancelation Policy

Creative Minds Art Studios loves art students, and we want to keep them happy. If you or your child is unhappy for any reason, please let us know as soon as you can so that we can address the issue. We like to be encouraging and proactive. Please know that talking to us about anything will be as pleasent of an experience as we can make it!

Most schools are a tight business financially, and we cannot operate successfully without full classes. We are a school-year supplemental program. Students usually sign up for these type of programs at the beginning of the school year (like you would a dance class), and it's harder to fill empty spaces in the middle of the year. We do most of our advertising during the sign-up quarter as well.

That's why we ask for a commitment from our families. It's a promise that you will do your best to stay with our program, and give us a chance to work with you. In turn, we promise that we will do our best to make the art course as fabulous as we can in every way. It's so hard when people ask to cancel because they just want to try something different that came up. Then, we have an empty seat that someone else probably wanted.

There are other reasons beyond just keeping us going, however, that makes sticking to your commitment a great idea. 
• Each class is a wonderful little social group, and we hate to see it disturbed during the year. 
• The curriculum is designed to be taken for the full year, so quitting gives you an incomplete art course.
• Artists can have ups and downs, and it is good for them to see that they can get past a few "learners" and find a "keeper" by sticking with it past the mood of the moment. This can actually be critical to the enjoyment of art for the rest of your life. We have lots of inspirational stories.

That said, we understand when things come up unexpectedly. If you have to quit for some unforeseen issue, or if you feel that the program has not fulfilled our description of it, then there is a 30 day cancelation policy. To cancel, you MUST either call or send us an email.  

If you are having financial trouble and that is affecting your decision, please talk to us to see if we can work something out together. There are several options available to you besides just canceling!

Thank you!