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Adult Art Workshops


Watercolor Basics with Botanics 

Saturday, April 30th
9:30am - 12:00am

$85 - Beginner - Ages 18+

Always wanted to try your hand at watercolor?  Join us for a fun workshop that incorporates a series of simple studio exercises encouraging students to explore the fundamentals of watercolor. Discussions & Demonstrations will provide understanding of washes, dry brush, wet-in-wet, glazing and mark making. This workshop is for the true beginner!  This is not a paint what the teacher paints event.  We will encourage you to find your own voice through exploration.  We will provide all the materials you need to practice as well as create a simple piece or two to take home.  


Hand-building Clay 

Saturday, April 30th

$135 - Beginner - Ages 18+

Come join in on the fun of creating your own pottery!  We will guide you through using slabs to cut, form, slip, score, & glaze (paint) 3-5 pieces of pottery.  Options will include bowls, vases, mugs, house shapes, & small dishes.  We will also show you how to add character to your pieces with different textures, three dimensional components, and paint techniques.  After class, an instructor will fire them in the kiln once, then they will get a dip in a transparent glaze and fired again so they are food safe.  Your pieces will be ready for pickup one week from the class date.   

*Have your own ideas?  Please bring them and we will do our best to accommodate, pending size. 


Intro to Painting with Acrylics 

Saturday, May 7th
5:00pm - 8:00pm

$125 - Beginner - Ages 18+

Is a blank canvas scary?  In this workshop, you will learn the basics of painting with acrylics.  We will discuss color relationships & practice techniques to grow your knowledge of this medium.  We will have a variety of references for you to choose from & will encourage you as we go throw the process of creating an acrylic piece on canvas (20" x 20" x 1.5").   All materials will be provided for you to use while you are at the studio.  

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