At Creative Minds Art Studios, we strive for our students...


  • To learn art skills and techniques

  • To be able to look at things from a unique perspective

  • To be good decision makers

  • To be creative thinkers

  • To be a productive person

  • To learn about different cultures and history

  • To be able to express ourselves in a safe environment

  • To be able to express ourselves without words

  • To be able to think for ourselves

  • To be able to solve problems in creative ways

  • To contribute positively to their community

  • To learn how to contribute sufficiently to a group effort

  • To be well-rounded

  • To have fun


Creative Minds Art Studios was started because of the belief that integrating problem-solving and the arts will increase children's developmental and cognitive skills.  Our goal is to create a round, self-thinking and self-motivating person.  Also, children will have access to creative outlets, safe spaces for self-expression and, most importantly, fun ways to learn!


Creative Minds Art Studios curriculum also integrates crafts and artists from all over the globe. We will spend time learning about the artistic traditions of different cultures. The children’s art creations will often incorporate recycled, green, and non-toxic materials.


Creative Minds Art Studios is also committed to fostering community involvement and philanthropy through the arts.  We will be partnering will several local artists and missions to cultivate relationships through art.

Our Goals


Leslie Ponder

     Hello and thanks for visiting Creative Minds Art Studios!  I am the founder and one of the teachers at Creative Minds. I have a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Mississippi State University.  This is where my passion for teaching began.  I also have a Masters degree in Instruction and Curriculum from the University of Memphis.  When I decided to open the art studio, I studied Art Education at Memphis Collage of Art.  After getting licensed in Art Education, I decided it was time to open the studio.  

     Teaching and art has always been my passion and that's why I decided to start Creative Minds Art Studios.  My mother was a painter, ceramist, and a sewer.  My grandmother was also a painter and a photographer.  As a child, I experimented with arts of all kind. I believe the skills and mind sets I used in art creation helped fuel my creativity as an adult.